How to Use Number Place Checker

(“ú–{Œê”Å, Version en español)

Purpose of this tool

It is a tool to check whether the content of the puzzle quiz is correct.
 The puzzle called Number Place (sometimes called sudoku).
 When you created the Number Place, you can check the puzzle is correct.
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Screen explanation

‡@    Number Input Area: Enter your own number here.

‡A    [Verify] button: Start verifying your own content.

‡B    Diagonal rule switch: Apply a rule in which 1 to 9 enter on the diagonal.

‡C    [Clear] button: Clears all inputs.


Steps of operation

‚PjImmediately after startup, the gNumber Input Areah will be all "?".

‚QjEnter the same number in the same position, based on your own number place, in the "Number Input Area".

‡@FThe entered numbers are displayed in black.
‡AFNumbers derived from entered numbers are displayed in gray.

‚RjAfter entering all the numbers, it is judged by clicking the [Verify] button.

EWhen the judgment result is complete (one solution can be derived), the dialog displays that effect.

EUnfinished (when there is more than one solution), there is a lack of self-made numbers, so let's revise.

EIf there is a contradiction, correct it because there is a deficiency in your own numbers.

EIn diagonal mode, the background color of diagonal cells is colored.

Have fun.